Innovation Unleashed Discovery Workshop

Your doorway to a Powerful Process that Systematically Transforms
innovation into Lucrative and Lasting Financial Returns.

Workshop Date:
Thursday, October 29th

Imagine having the Secret Sauce
for repeated successful innovation... 

Welcome to the Unleashed Zone!

Why do some businesses seem to effortlessly surge ahead with extraordinary results while others struggle just to maintain profitability and stay ahead of the competition?

Why are some business owners able to achieve that elusive work-life balance while others have their business run them, feeling one step away from overwhelm and burn-out?

Have you travelled the innovation journey before only to find that it's taken far more time, cost much more than expected and still not made the returns that you believed it would?
After more than 20 years, supporting 1000’s of businesses...from start-ups all the way through to publicly-listed international corporations... across all industry sectors...I can share with you that...

...the X-factor to success lies in having a system that Optimally Unleashes the right innovations at the right time for your business. 

That’s why I founded the Unleashed help businesses like yours experience the elevation that Successful Innovation brings...both in your business and into your life. 

We know that now more than ever, the world needs innovation. It needs powerful, new solutions and fantastic ideas that solve problems and make lives simpler, healthier, more connected, faster and more productive and yet calmer and less busy… 

The key to that kind of life is for everyone with a great idea to be able to innovate successfully! 

The solution to that kind of innovation succeeding is a Systematic Innovation Framework that enables you to evaluate your ideas, identify what is holding you back from the returns you deserve and then...takes you step-by-step through the actual process of turning your innovation ideas into a reality! 

I’m extremely excited to share the Innovation Unleashed Diagnostic with you during this one-day Discovery Workshop. 

It's the most important step to Unleashing your successful Innovation Journey and I know you’re going to love it! 

Steve Carroll
Founder - The Unleashed Zone
Creator - Innovation Unleashed Diagnostic

What is Innovation? 

In business, innovation means growth...more importantly...growth that improves both bottom line profitability along with increasing shareholder value.

It involves the development of new products or the introduction of improvements to existing products, technologies, processes, designs and marketing to solve problems, increase efficiency, reach new customers, and ultimately increase profits.

Why do businesses need to Innovate?

Innovation can be considered the cornerstone of sustained economic growth. The successful development and exploitation of new ideas is crucial to a business being able to improve and expand its processes, bring new and improved products and services to market, increase its efficiency and, most importantly, improve its profitability.

Innovation also increases a business owner’s chances of reacting to changes, discovering new opportunities and gaining competitive advantage by building products and services better suited to customers.

The Top 6 Challenges faced by Innovators

Embarking upon true innovation isn’t a small task. It requires good ideas, research, planning, market analysis, opportunity cost assessment, competitor analysis, time, money, a raft of specialist expertise and a whole lot more, all while simultaneously operating business as usual.

In my vast experience working with a broad range of innovators over many years, I have experienced first hand that leadership is a lonely role - some people can do it, and some people can't. These are the top six struggles faced by innovators embarking solo on the Innovation Journey... 
1. Insufficient Returns: The No 1 challenge we hear from Innovators is that they rarely get to enjoy the returns they deserve given the investment they make in innovation.

They work hard investing time and effort in the business and have great ideas for developing innovative solutions to practical problems, but they just don’t see a worthwhile return for their time and monetary investment.

2. Lack of Skills and Resources: Successful innovation requires a number of key skills and resources, and most Business Owners just don’t have them all.

Innovators can quickly come to realize there are more things to be done than they have the money, time and team for. They struggle to determine what is most important - what will make the biggest difference. They are usually chronically under-resourced. 
3. Financial Outlay bringing Personal Income into Risk: Going it alone can make innovation very costly and it’s a common worry for anyone embarking on an Innovation Journey that they won’t be able to continue to cover the business’ operational costs let alone the R&D required for a business to innovate.

Reinvesting in your business often also brings personal income into risk. Innovators can find they don’t achieve sufficient financial return quickly enough to remove that risk to personal income and their family’s financial stability within a comfortable timeframe.

4. Not enough time for comprehensive R&D: A period of innovation doesn’t mean day-to-day business operations stop. Time becomes an even rarer commodity and making room in your schedule for solid research and development becomes almost impossible. 
5. General Overwhelm: Innovators can often find themselves wondering how they will master all the required areas of knowledge: marketing, sales, product design and development, fund raising, recruitment, legals, patents (IP)... The list goes on.

It's too much to ask a single person to have the energy, expertise and “all that” to make it work in every area required.

6. Insufficient Impact: And then, after persisting and not giving up, after all the time, effort, consideration, research, resources and money invested, Innovators can reach the end of their Innovation Journey only to find themselves very disappointed by the sum result of the impact their innovation has had. On their customers, on their profits and on their lives.

The solution is an easy-to-follow, Strategic Framework
 for Successful Innovation that guides Innovators
step-by-step on a journey to transform a fantastic
idea into a profitable area of growth.

What is the Innovation Unleashed Discovery Workshop?

This small group workshop introduces Innovators, like you, to a strategic framework designed to bring successful innovation to business and life. 

The workshop is led by Steve Carroll, founder of The Unleashed Zone and former RSM R&D Partner. The format incorporates learning segments as well as interactive masterminding sessions allowing you to learn from the experience of fellow workshop participants: an extraordinary group of leaders, innovators, doers and investors.

The Innovation Unleashed Diagnostic is a framework you will use forever to identify, analyse, evaluate, diagnose, prioritize and systemize each step of the innovation process. 

You’ll find yourself applying it to business innovation as well as a multitude of areas in your personal life. 

Who is the Workshop suited to?

The Innovation Unleashed Discovery Workshop is suited to business owners, entrepreneurs, innovators (successful or not) and start-up founders alike! 

Whether you’re already on an innovation journey and in need of direction, systems and structure or you just want to acquire the know-how before you embark upon an innovation project, the workshop will bring you enormous value and an array of powerful tools you can start using immediately. 

What will I learn at the Workshop?

During the Workshop you’ll come to understand that successful innovation incorporates key concepts that can be learned.

Concepts that when applied, will turn your great innovation ideas into reality!

You’ll learn how to identify and define the challenges you’re facing today as well as identify and evaluate the opportunities available to you through innovation.

Importantly, you'll be able to clearly define what success means to you in this regard. 

You’ll learn how to identify the risks you need to address before they’re a problem, as well as how to create prioritised action lists so you can resolve the most pressing problems facing you at any given time. 

Throughout our time together you’ll become familiar with all components of your current and future Organisation Management Chart and Budget and learn how to account for time as an expense in your project budget along with all direct and other business related expenses. 

Together we will work on the opportunity to extend your understanding of how to calculate or estimate your business’s financial position as well as discover the various funding sources available to you along the path to innovation. 

Our collaboration through the day will successfully and succinctly set the tone and framework for all of your future goals.  

Finally, you will come to understand what systems to develop during the growth and scale stages that prepare you for your ultimate exit from the business. 

When and Where is the Workshop?

Thursday, October 29th 
38 Station St, Subiaco WA 6008 
The workshop is open to a maximum of 18 attendees and spaces are awarded on a first come, first served basis. 

Register now so you don't miss out!

At the end of the Workshop you will have:

  • Discovered the Optimized Innovation Journey!
  • Developed your Personalized Benchmark for Success for your own Innovation Journey.
  • A Prioritized Action List addressing your most pressing roadblock/s, with solutions that will see you continue to progress along the Innovation Journey.
  • ​Learned the basics of applying The Innovation Unleashed Diagnostic and be committed to using it throughout your Innovation Journey.
  • ​Learned how to self-analyze your innovation at any time so you can move it forward and achieve the greatest outcome in the most efficient way.
  • ​...and more...

Exclusive Tools and Resources

Throughout the workshop you’ll be given a suite of powerful Tools specifically designed for you to begin unleashing your innovation project immediately. 


Everyone who attends the One-Day
Innovation Unleashed Discovery Workshop will receive a 


One-on-One 60 minute Strategy Session
with Steve Carroll

Valued at $500

During your one-on-one Strategy Session we’ll address:

  • Any personal questions you have regarding what you learnt on the day and how you think it applies to your situation.
  • ​What you decided your prioritized actions list should look like and how you propose to progress in the short term; 
  • ​What is your plan to revisit and reuse the Innovation Unleashed Diagnostic; and 
  • ​What gaps currently exist in your business and professional advisor network that need to be filled and assistance with referrals if required.


$497 + gst

Limited seats available.
Thursday, October 29th 
38 Station St, Subiaco WA 6008 

Your Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident you’ll receive value far exceeding your expectations that we include a 100% satisfaction guarantee! As the saying goes,

“Try the program. If it’s not everything that we say it is,
we’ll insist on giving you a refund”. 

What others have to say about the workshop...

Q: What did you like about the workshop?

A:  Stephen Carroll was perfect for the workshop. One of the most knowledgeable presenters on this topic.”
A:  “Getting a structured view of the critical parts for an entrepreneur in startup mode was very helpful”

A:  “The tools and templates are very innovative and really helpful in planning ahead.”

A:  “The information gained on the day will be useful as we move our project forward.”

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